Rogue Trader Dinasty Gibraham



A Rogue Trader house that extends its influence through multiple sectors, House Gibrahan has taken a particular financial interest in the affairs of the Spinward Front. The origins of the lineage are lost to the ages, but it is believed to be at least 5,000 years old. Over the millennia, they have gathered a substantial commerce fleet, but they also lay claim to significant military assets. According to official records, they have several light cruisers and transports actively conducting operations within the Calixis Sector, primarily in the region of the Spinward Front. However, some suspect that these estimates may be low. It is entirely possible that the house has further assets active that they are unwilling to disclose to Imperial authorities.

Captain Jacoby Hollander is the representative of the house active within the Skrynne system. By his own admission, he is the single person most responsible for the reassignment of the 4th Brontian Longknives, as well as the Player Characters’ regiment, to the system. He has maintained a friendly relationship with the remaining planetary government as well as the Imperial Navy and Imperial Guard command.

One major reason for this positive relationship is that House Gibrahan has fully committed two of its light cruisers, a Leman Russ battalion, and 500 of the house’s armsmen to the war effort in Skrynne. The armsmen have seen only light service, but the Land Raiders have played a major role in supporting the Imperial Guard units. They represent the most substantial Imperial armoured presence upon the planet. Without their aid, Ork forces might well have managed several additional victories.
While House Gibrahan persuaded sector High Command to respond to Skrynne’s call for aid, it is unclear what motivates the house to continue their involvement. Clearly, they are sustaining losses.

Simply allowing their vessels to remain idle within a single system for years has undoubtedly cost them a fortune in lost trade. Because of this, many strongly suspect that the house either expects a substantial repayment from the promethium trade or discovered something else of interest during their earlier planetary sweeps. Either of these options suggests that their continued presence could have long term ramifications for Skrynne’s citizens. A few members of the Longknives have been so disparaging as to suggest that they are only fighting a war to bring greater financial success to this Rogue Trader house.

Rogue Trader Dinasty Gibraham

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